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24 Feb 2021
With Covid19 hitting the fundraising community hard we were forced to cancelled all our events last year. We had to think of other ways to raise money for our care packs and so we launched our range of products by J & K. To order please visit our
5 Aug 2019
I was diagnosed at 22 years of age. Before I knew it I was getting full-body scans, blood tests, MRI, CT scans, seeing all different types of doctors. Each day was filled with doctor’s appointments and scans. A week after receiving my diagnosis I started my IVF treatment to collect eggs to free ...
5 Aug 2019
My experience with breast cancer started when I was on an overseas trip to Europe for three months. It wasn’t until halfway through that I noticed a lump in my right breast. At the time I didn’t really think much of it, I thought maybe I’d banged my breast against something (we’d just vis ...