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Blushing Beauty (285grams)

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FRANGIPAINI - A bouquet re-creating the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees frequently referred to as 'The Tree of Life'.This aroma has calming qualities helping to calm the mind, alleviate everyday stress and helps with sleep due to its sedative properties. This one is sure to sooth your soul.

LIME COCONUT & ELDERFLOWER - A fruity infusion of lime juice, bergamot peel and pineapple rounded out with coconut, elderflower with sweet hints of burnt sugar and caramel. This stunningly subtle scent is instantly calming and makes you want to exhale leaving all the daily stresses at the door.

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA -This stunning combination of blackberries and raspberries harmonised by a creamy vanilla scent is known to help elevate your mood. It's subtle aroma aims to create joy and relaxation for our Brave Beauties and community.

SWEET LEMONGRASS - An invigorating aroma of lemongrass sweetened with a dash of citrus lemon and a hint of lime is sure to create a vibrant and refreshing scent in anyone's home. Lemongrass has many healing properties including aiding with anti-inflammatory, nausea, headaches, pain, stress and anxiety. This really is a super scent.

LEMON SCENTED MYRTLE - This beautiful aroma is the energetic combination of zingy lemon and orange peel with vibrant eucalyptus and subtle notes of feminine peonies. With just a wift of this stunning citrus scent it can helps to boost energy and alertness, and is a great pick me up for anyone.

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