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Please note – Due to Covid 19 all our events have been postponed until further notice. We will update our community with all information regarding our events guided by our government regulations.

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May 26, 2019

At our official launch and fundraiser event in May, Defining Beauty Through Breast Cancer raised $23,637! It was the most incredible day filled with emotion, honesty and pure joy! The positive response and opportunities we continue to be presented with only ...
9 Aug 2019
Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible experience it was being asked to be the face of the 20-year celebration of The Field of Women.
1 Aug 2019
  It was a great honour to be the keynote speaker at the Footprints Foundation - Sale five-year celebration luncheon. To come home to a community that has been so influential and supportive of my family through four diagnoses of br ...
11 May 2019
  What an honour it was to be asked to speak on behalf of Breast Cancer Network Australia at the De La Salle Ladies Luncheon. I followed one amazing woman, Felicity Frederico, VAFA Board member & OAB (Order of Australia) recipien ...