Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible experience it was being asked to be the face of the 20-year celebration of The Field of Women.

Standing on the MCG in front of over 16,000 people wearing pink ponchos paying tribute to those who have fought this hideous disease is one of the proudest moments of my life.

To represent these brave women and men, to show support to those we have lost and to celebrate the survivors was a day of many emotions for everyone involved.

I conquered my fear of public speaking (yes, believe it!), I gained incredible perspective on what it takes to bring such an event together, I saw the team at BCNA who were passionate for what they do and who they fight for, but most importantly I realised we are never alone.

If it weren’t for this once in a lifetime experience and what I gained from it personally and professionally, Defining Beauty may still be a dream! I found my passion and purpose and chose what I wanted to do from then on.

I am not afraid of failure, I don’t worry about what others may think as I am here to help our beautiful Brave Beauties that come after me through everything I have learnt.